The Takashi Tsukioka president of the Petroleum


Safety of Japan relation ship in the Middle East

The Takashi Tsukioka president of the Petroleum The government's efforts on the safety of Japan's relationship ship in the Middle East Cabinet decision Of Middle East peace and stability is very important for the peace and prosperity of the international community, including Japan. In addition, in the Middle East is a source of major energy in the world, Japan relation ship (other foreign vessels Japan flagged vessel and the Japanese on board, of foreign vessels or Japan Japanese Vessel Operators operated flights it is very important to be a foreign ship that transported the cargo to ensure the safety of navigation of say an important ship for stable economic activity of our country people. hereinafter the same.). Middle East in which tension is increased in the region, occurred attack cases that target the ship, the Ryowa based on years have also occurred damage of Japan relation ship. In view of such circumstances, countries, have strengthened ship, the efforts to ensure safety of navigation by utilizing such aircraft in the region.

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